Standard Iranian Restaurants Book

Standard Restaurant Guidelines:

The “Standard Restaurant Guidelines” book was commissioned by the Kish Tourism Development Institute in 2005 with the aim of enhancing the quality of restaurants on the island. Given Kish Island’s significant position in Iran’s tourism industry, the author’s efforts were focused on ensuring that all criteria were based on international standards, with a high level of sensitivity taken into account during the book’s composition.

However, considering Iran’s cultural and social conditions, as well as certain urban and infrastructural limitations, some sections have undergone minor modifications to adapt to the existing circumstances and have been localized, so to speak.

Chapters of the book include:

– Service
– Menu
– Inventory Control
– Kitchen
– Dining Hall
– Hygiene
– Personnel

Each chapter delves into specific topics, outlining the necessary standards for each section. For example, in the Personnel section, the required qualifications for each position, from service personnel to kitchen staff, as well as the description of duties for each position, are detailed.

It is worth mentioning that this book examines the general standards of restaurant operation and performance and provides the necessary guidelines. Each restaurant or food establishment must consider many more and varied points depending on their circumstances and type of activity.

The Standard Restaurant Collection considers standardizing restaurants and food establishments as one of its key focuses. Leveraging its scientific background, the team aims to bring restaurants closer to international standards. Resources based on the latest knowledge in restaurant management and hospitality, prepared by the Restaurant Standard team, are among the strengths of the team in implementing this initiative.

Standard Restaurant: Launch, Standardization, Training, Restaurant, and Café Equipment.